Need more privacy from your windows? Cheap Temporary covering – Part 1

I have a front door that I’m not crazy about but don’t have the money to run out and buy a new one…

My front door has two windows that run parallel, on the top half of the door… they have a little bevel in the glass but not enough to give any sort privacy, what so ever… which is a problem for a person that likes to walk around in their underwear after the kids have gone to bed… like me.

IMG_8773  IMG_8776

So my solution… Glad Press and Seal and a razor blade.


I have loved this stuff since it first came out years ago. I never buy “normal plastic wrap.” Ever.
But anyway…

First, clean the window. The Glad wrap will cling better and last longer if it’s adhering to the window instead of grim and dirt. Duh. (Oh, and keep your rag, towel whatever for later.)

I pulled out the wrap and pressed down on the center of the top window frame, about an inch or so above the window (but not on the window, yet) and then unrolled the wrap down and did the same thing to the bottom of the window frame.

It should look like this:

IMG_8777  IMG_8778  IMG_8779

Then I pulled each corner taught and pressed it to the frame.

IMG_8782  IMG_8783  IMG_8781  IMG_8780

The middle of the window on the sides is next.

Press the press down the wrap in the center of the window, so it sticks to the window, and work your way out. using your finger to fit into the beveled edges, if any.

I used a Lysol Wipe to press down, the dampness of the towel allowed my hand to slide easily again the plastic wrap, without tearing it like a credit card would. You can use your hand, but if you cleaned your window then the towel should be handy anyway.

Press gently, making sure not stretching or wrinkling the wrap.

IMG_8802  IMG_8811

Continue the whole window is covered.

Finally, carefully go along the edge of the window with a razor blade, starting in the corners.

IMG_8806  IMG_8807  IMG_8808

And pull off the excess, at a 45-degree angle, much like you do with painters tape.

IMG_8809  IMG_8810

And you’re finished! Simple as that!

IMG_8814  IMG_8815  IMG_8816


Before & After:

IMG_8776  IMG_8825

It does leave a slight texture on the glass, but you don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it.

FullSizeRender 4

Another awesome thing bout it is, if you don’t want it on later, you just pull it right off.

If any residue that may remain it cleans right off with nail polish remover. I know because I’ve done it.  🙂

No more peep shows from my house!

Now I just need to paint that ugly door white…


Need to cover a whole “normal sized” window? Click here for Part 2.



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