Need More Privacy from Your Windows? Cheap Temporary Covering – Part 2

Have you ever wanted to open up the windows and let the light in, but didn’t want anyone outside to see you? Are you being forced to sacrifice your privacy or loose out on glorious sunlight? Then I can help you.

I’ve had a LOT of traffic on my original post Need more Privacy from your Windows? Cheap Temporary Covering.

However, the windows on my front door are thin, so one panel of Glad Press N’ Seal on each window worked perfectly… but what if you wanted to cover a normal size window?

I decided to cover the front window of my kids’ room. Their bedroom is on the ground floor, and we have tall windows. So I’ve always kept the blinds closed. I wanted to let more light in, but not have to worry about someone driving by and seeing right inside to my kids’ room. (I’m super paranoid about people and my kids.)

The window is also right next to my daughter’s bed… what if someone crept up to my house… they could see my kids sleeping in their beds. 

Now I live in a great neighborhood, in a coveted area, with an active neighborhood watch, but still… it could happen. (These are things you think about when you have kids…)

So now that you think I’m crazy… 


Here’s how to cover your windows.

Prep your windows, by cleaning with Windex or a Clorox wipe. Save the wipe or paper towel to help press down the Press n’ Seal to the window (see my original tutorial for details).


Roll out a panel of Glad Press n’ Seal and cover the left and right of your window. (Do not line up the edges with your window, you’ll find that the stickiness does not extend all the way to the edge of the Press n’ Seal)

(See, the edge doesn’t stick)


Now lay down a third panel right down the center, overlapping both of the other panels… Don’t worry you haven’t failed, it will look stupid. 



With a razor blade trim all the sides of the window.

Now, with a razor blade (or sharp knife, I didn’t feel like going downstairs to get the razor blade) cut the thin line in the middle of the overlapping pieces. Trying to make all three panels approximately the same width.



Carefully pull off the edges of the middle panel.

It should look like this:

Now, carefully peel down the middle layer about half way, leaving the edges of the side panels on the window.

Cut the edges of the left and right panel, like this:

Peel off the pieces

It should look like this:

Lift up bottom half and peel off those edges too.

Replace center panel carefully and press edges together.



Pretty awesome, and super cheap!

Leave it on as long as you need. It has been on my front door for nearly 2 years now.


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  1. Susan Ortiz Reply

    You make it look so easy!

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