Old, Ugly Fireplace? Make it Pretty and New for Cheap! Part 2 Board Batten





Now that I have a mantle I can finish my fireplace makeover, and finally start loving my den.

Remember my fireplace needs?

  • Mantle
  • Hide TV wires
  • Cover the ugly wood color.
  • Get rid of the brass
  • Make it beautiful, of course


Here is where we left off:

I still need to run and hide the wires for my TV. Normally I would have just cut a hole in the wall behind the TV and one near the floor and fish the cables through, but since it was fireplace I couldn’t exactly do that.


I found this blog on Pinterest. It was perfect!

A way to hide all the wires from the TV and have it look beautiful.


Supply list:


I bought both 6 foot and 8-foot pieces based on the dimensions I needed, you could just buy all 8-foot pieces to be safe.

Tis better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Ok, so first decide the width of your board and batten. Measure and cut the boards needed for the bottom layer. Add 3/4in (0.75in) on each side, so an additional 1 1/2 (1.5in). so the top layer of boards will have something to nail into.

You will need to space them evenly, leaving channels in between the boards for the wires (the same as the thickness for the boards, 3/4in (0.75in)

Glue them to the wall and nail into place.


Then add the side boards, again leaving the width of one board, 3/4in (0.75in).

Next, add the verticle strips to complete the look.


Re-hang your TV and run cable, and cover the channel with the 8-foot strip.


I used a Tripp Lite surge protector and Twisted Vein braided cord HDMI cables, both of which have amazing reviews on Amazon, which I how I make most of my Amazon buying decisions.

After nailing on the top board, this is the only part of the wires you should see.

Cover all nail holes, patch any ridges and sand. As you can see, I when a little overboard with the brad nailer, but hey, this baby isn’t going anywhere!

phew ok, were almost done

Now we PAINT!

(I used a small brush to get into all the edges, and then a larger brush to paint the empty middle sections. It would be a little easier to use a roller for the middle sections, but I didn’t want that roller texture on the wall. I didn’t want the middle to look like a wall, I wanted it to look like the wood.)

After the first coat:

And after another coat, and then one final coat to touch up spots.


Lastly, I painted the brass.

[I couldn’t find a link to the pint-size of Rust-Oleum High Heat paint, so instead here is the link to the spray paint. if you can’t find the pint-size in the store you can also buy the spray paint and spray it into a disposable bowl (I’ve used an empty Lunch-able container before) and dip your foam brush into that and paint, but be careful, it will be runny.]

After taping the inside frame of the brass, on the glass, I used a foam brush to paint the ugly brass. (Hey, that rhymes) The coverage was great, and it only took one whole coat, and one more coat to touch up.

After some decorations, all from A.C. Moore

Pussy Willows in a vase with sand, a picture frame with scrapbook paper, lantern, paperboard B, candles, and Willow Tree statues of my children, and an old plaque my husband gave me when we were dating.

Here are some pictures of the final result.


Beautiful isn’t it?!


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