Never Lose your Apple Remote Ever Again!

I love Apple. We have a whole slew of apple products in our house, everyone in our family owns at least one, including our 2 and 4-year-olds.
The Apple TV is easy to navigate so my 2 and 4-year-old use it all the time.
However, they lose that dang remote all the freaking time.
The remote is so small and slim that it is constantly falling in the depths of the recliner or the couch, being left in the kitchen, bathroom, everywhere.


While I can use my iPhone or my Apple Watch to control the TV, the rule in our house is they have to find the actual remote before being able to watch a show.

And I don’t know about you but my kids look around for about 0.3527383 seconds and then start whining about not being able to find it even when it was in the middle of the floor. So it pretty much always boils down to Mom or Dad finding the remote, which again, is a pain in the butt.
So. What to do about it. I searched Pinterest for ideas.

  1. I found taping or rubber banding it to another remote

2. Buying a special cradle for it, to make it bigger.

3. Using a different, bigger remote, and programming it to work with Apple TV.



None of which I liked. So what did we come up with?
Simply drilling a hole through it and attaching a key ring.
Yes, just drilling a simple, small hole into the bottom of it.
The bottom of the Apple TV remote is solid aluminum, so it doesn’t do anything to affect the components or functionality.


Here’s how to do it.

First, find your Apple TV Remote… Oh, there it is…

Attach it to a stable workspace, like a saw horse or your kitchen counter. I used clamps.

Get out the drill and use a 1/8inch drill bit.


Now find the middle, just above the text on the back of the remote. Make sure you drill above the writing.

And Drill!


It will have shavings, aluminum, you know, metal shavings, so be careful when picking them up and brushing them off, they will cut you.

File edges


Attach a zip tie…


or triangle part of a keyring.



Then attach a key ring and put it on a lanyard, attach it to your chair, stuffed animal, anything you can think of.
We attached our upstairs Apple TV remote to a coin purse, just to have something on it. And for the remote in the playroom, we attached it to a favorite stuffed animal.




It has been a few months now and we haven’t lost the remote yet (knock on wood) when the kids usually would have lost it a few times a day.
Enjoy, let me know if this works for you too!



For Christmas, my husband bought a 4 pack of Tiles. We attached one of the to the Apple Remote, now if we ever lose the remote (or the kids take it to bed) all we have to do is “ring” the remote and it plays a tone until we find it. Brilliant! 



3 thoughts on “Never Lose your Apple Remote Ever Again!

  1. Linda Susan Ortiz Reply

    Great ideas for making the remote “findable”!

  2. Linda Susan Ortiz Reply

    Great idea and instructions for making your remote “findable “!

  3. Jakob Crawford Reply

    I’m going to have try this with my Bose remote since my LG TV won’t turn on the sound bar automatically. Thanks for the tip!

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